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Tim is a global thought leader on a broad range of emerging technology topics.  As one of the few who directly shapes the topics he writes about, he has his finger on the pulse like no other. He shares his future-shaping knowledge at  Forbes to reach the broadest audiences. Tim has co-authored The Bio Planning Book  ( a blueprint for sustainable regenerative cities) which will be available soon. Tim is a guest on podcasts and has a YouTube channel that hosts speaking clips and interviews on topics ranging from generative AI, autonomous vehicles, innovation, digital transformation, the future of supply chains, smart and sustainable cities, and the future of living and working.  Click on images to read articles or watch/listen to clips.                   

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Tim is a founding member of The Bio Planning Institute. He with Dror Benshretrit,  Founder of Supernature Labs, and other members, co-authored: Bioplanning: A New Design Discipline

It is the Institute’s introductory publication containing the Bioplanning Design Manual.

The publication delves into the ecological, social, community, and economic benefits of the Bioplanning approach.

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