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About Tim

Shaping Tomorrow, Today

Tim is a pragmatic futurist who uses his expertise in policy, emerging technology, and strategic operations to build the future, today. He's a thought leader with a deep understanding of AI ecosystems, supply chains, moonshot thinking, digital transformation, and the impact of technology on living, working, wellness, and cities.


Tim's an architect of innovation. As the Founder and CEO of ETA Advisors, he empowers investors, companies, startups, and governments to navigate the ever-changing tech landscape with ever-shifting geopolitics. His guidance is built on real-world experience, serving as a key advisor at X, the Moonshot Factory (Google parent Alphabet's top secret innovation lab). Here, he focuses on commercializing cutting-edge technologies like generative AI and robotics.

Beyond ETA Advisors, Tim is a prolific collaborator. He's an expert-in-residence at 11.2 Venture Builder Studio, mentoring startups in fintech, supply chain, logistics, health, and regenerative agriculture. He's also a founding member of the Bio Planning Institute, co-authoring their book on sustainable design and construction. Tim's expertise extends to smart city development, blockchain, Web3, digital twins, energy, space - a true Silicon Valley polymath.

Previously, Tim led groundbreaking partnerships at X, contributing to the launch of Waymo, the world's pioneering self-driving car technology. Before that, he served as the world's first Chief Innovation Officer for San Francisco's transport agency. In this role, he spearheaded innovative urban development and smart city initiatives, fostering a culture of sustainable change management, digital transformation, and rapid innovation.

Tim's a bridge builder. He translates complex ideas into engaging content, making him a highly sought-after speaker. His ability to conceive moonshots and deliver results, combined with his exceptional communication skills, has led him to prestigious engagements with the UN, World Bank, OECD, Prime Ministers, and Fortune 500 executives.

Tim isn't just about the future; he's about shaping it. He brings a unique perspective, honed by experience and a commitment to progress. If you're looking for a visionary leader who can help you navigate tomorrow's world, look no further than Tim.

Unconventional Explorer, Purposeful Connector


Tim's a trailblazer who swaps four wheels for two, choosing the open road on his bike over a car in a garage. He's a digital nomad with a purpose, drawn to explore the world and its cultures rather than settling for a fixed location. This unconventional lifestyle fuels his systems thinking, allowing him to spot trends and patterns that others miss.

More than just an adventurer, Tim's a seeker of knowledge. He's a dedicated student of indigenous wisdom, weaving their teachings into his life. His curiosity extends to health and fitness, where he thrives on a protein-sparing, modified fasting lifestyle. Tim's passion for building bridges extends beyond physical journeys. He's an active advocate for women in tech, mentoring future leaders and offering career and lifestyle change advice based on his own experiences. His empathy fuels his work with immigrants (who'm he shares his lived experience), people with disabilities, neurodivergent individuals, and marginalized communities ( like himself), as he understands the challenges they face.

Tim's approach to fitness is about longevity, not just looking good. He champions a weights program designed to keep him healthy and strong for the long haul.

But he isn't all work and no play. He's a joy seeker who finds humor in most situations, making him easygoing and a delight to collaborate with. Tim has been fortunate to travel to over 100 countries, getting to know their people, cities, regions, economies, and systems. He has also been able to immerse himself and experience their unique customs, culture, and cuisine. He enjoys family connections and savors spending time on his family's ancestral farm on the north Aegean islands where the swimming, local produce, and day and night sky hikes are magical.  He takes life seriously, but not himself. He values the meaningful friendships built along the way. Chances are, he knows someone in the city he visits for a speaking engagement.


He has bases in Miami, San Francisco & London making him accessible to the major world hubs. Tim's genuine curiosity and dedication to going the extra mile leave his clients satisfied and coming back for more. He's a reminder that a life less ordinary can lead to extraordinary connections and a positive impact on the world.

Tim Papandreou
Tim Papandreou
Tim Papandreou
Tim Papandreou
Tim Papandreou
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