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Timothy speaks on four exciting topic areas of emerging technologies:

1. Generative AI Revolution for Your Industry    2. Moonshot Thinking for Digital Transformation

3. Future of the Supply Chain    4. Future of Living, Working & Learning 

View the clips on each topic from recent Keynotes below 


AI: The Most Powerful Technology That Is Changing Your World Forever

Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents a tipping point in human evolution. It is transforming the way we live, work, and experience what it means to be human and thus it is ultimately a story about humanity rather than just technology.

As an early participant in the AI revolution, Timothy was part of Google's Self-Driving company which launched Waymo, the world's first embodied AI technology in the form of a robo-taxi/trucking service. As a practical futurist with hands-on experience from his coveted role as one of a few special advisors to X the Moonshot factory, (Google's top secret AI and ML innovation lab) he dives deep into areas like: 

  • Agriculture, Mining, Forestry, Fishing: AI optimizes yields, predicts disease, manages resources, and automates machinery.

  • Manufacturing, Construction, Processing: AI designs products, automates production, predicts maintenance needs, personalizes products and plans construction.

  • Healthcare, Education, Retail, Transportation, Finance, Energy: AI personalizes medicine, discovers drugs, tailors education, personalizes shopping, forecasts demand, automates logistics, detects fraud, and provides AI customer service.

  • IT, R&D, Higher Education, Consulting: AI assists research, personalizes learning, and generates data-driven recommendations.

  • Government, Specialized & Social Services: AI analyzes policies, plans treatments, and delivers basic social services through chatbots.

Tim outlines the key issues and opportunities for your industry, cuts through the hype, and shows you step by step how it will change your work roles, and what it will take for you to keep and grow your market share.


If you are looking for an experienced and engaging keynote speaker who can help you seize the opportunities and prepare you for your organization's AI journey, then Tim is the perfect choice.

Moonshot Thinking for Your Digital Transformation


Moonshot Your Way to the Top with Tim!  The pressure to digitally transform is real, but for many CEOs, the path forward is shrouded in data fog. How do you leverage the power of AI without getting lost in a sea of information?

Tim has spent years at the forefront of innovation, working alongside dozens of companies including Google's/Alphabet's X Moonshot Factory. Now, he's on a mission to help companies bridge the gap between emerging cutting-edge AI and real-world digital transformation results.


Tim understands your pain points: Clean data is the lifeblood of AI, and Tim prioritizes building a data strategy that ensures your AI initiatives are fueled by the right information. He cuts through the technical jargon and translates Moonshot Systems Thinking into actionable plans for:

  • Unleash Generative AI, powered by your data, to streamline tasks and free up your team for strategic thinking.

  • Identify areas where strategic AI solutions can disrupt your market and propel you ahead of the competition.


Tim goes beyond just the tech. He knows fostering an innovation culture is paramount. He'll inspire your team to embrace bold ideas, think bigger, create a culture of learning, and achieve the seemingly impossible.

Here's what you'll gain with having Tim speak at your event:

  • Practical digital transformation strategies to leverage clean data-powered Generative AI for everyday efficiency.

  • A clear roadmap to identify and implement breakthrough AI solutions that create a competitive digital advantage.

  • A culture of innovation and problem-solving that empowers your team to break barriers and unlock your company's full potential. 


He will inspire you to think big and be creative in the way you approach your change management. If you are looking for a keynote speaker who can help you prepare for the future of your workplace, then Tim is the perfect choice.


Navigate the VUCA World: Building a Sustainable & Resilient Supply Chain

Geopolitical shifts, chip shortages, battery bottlenecks, and the environment impacting your operations are just the beginning. Tim, a global expert at the intersection of technology, policy, and supply chain innovation, can help you chart a course to success. His mantra: "Emerging technology might not care about geopolitics, but geopolitics cares deeply about emerging tech." Tim understands the challenges you face:

  • Geopolitical disruptions: Navigate trade wars, sanctions, and shifting alliances that impact your supply chain.

  • Sustainability pressures: Manage economic, social and environmental responsibility for your industry.

  • On/Nearshoring decisions: Optimize the balance of global efficiency and local resilience through data and automation.


Tim goes beyond the headlines. As a practitioner in this space, he leverages cutting-edge technologies to create a sustainable and resilient future:

  • Advancements in chips and batteries that minimize environmental impact.

  • Data, blockchain, and cybersecurity: Secure on-premise data to ensure transparency and ethical sourcing.

  • 3D printing and robotics: Agile, automated production that reduces waste and transportation needs.

Here's what you'll gain by having Tim speak at your event:

  • Deep geopolitical insights: Navigate the VUCA world with a clear understanding of current and future trends.

  • Resilient to disruptions: Learn how emerging technologies can identify and mitigate potential risks.

  • Sustainable practices: Discover strategies to create a circular economy and minimize your environmental footprint.


He will inspire you to think big and be creative in the way you approach your supply chain management. If you are looking for a keynote speaker who can help you prepare for the future of the global supply chain, then Tim is the perfect choice.


Lifestyle As a Service: The Future of Living,
Working, Learning & More

With over half the world living in cities, the future is urban. We're redefining how we live, work, learn, and connect in this emerging "city planet".Tim, a visionary leader, can help you navigate this transformation. He's coined the term "Lifestyle as a Service" (LaaS) – a revolution driven by AI and connected platforms that cater to every aspect of our lives. Imagine AI companions like coaches, mentors, and friends, guiding you through this exciting new world.


Think beyond the headlines. Tim unveils groundbreaking advancements shaping our future:

  • Bioplanning: Optimizing health and well-being through personalized biotechnologies.

  • Smart Cities: Infrastructure that talks, manages resources, and adapts to resident needs.

  • Autonomous Vehicles & Electrification: Seamless, sustainable transportation at your fingertips.

  • 3D Printed Bio Housing: Rapidly creating affordable, sustainable living spaces.

  • Biophilic Design: Rewilding cities with nature-inspired architecture for improved mental and physical health.


Tim goes beyond the tech. He explores the profound societal shift LaaS brings:

  • Human Augmentation: Understanding how technology enhances our physical, social, and emotional well-being.

  • Shifting Priorities: Rethinking the way we approach work, learning, and leisure in a connected world.


Here's what you gain by partnering with Tim:

  • Future-proof your business: Embrace LaaS and thrive in the changing landscape of living, working, and learning.

  • Meet the key players: Gain insights on the companies and technologies shaping the future of LaaS.

  • Actionable strategies: Learn how to integrate LaaS into your business for success.

  • Inspiration to Reimagine: Think big and create a more sustainable, fulfilling future for all


Don't just adapt to the changing world – embrace it! Contact Tim be your guide to a future built on Lifestyle as a Service.

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